Be Part of a Business Entity

Breder Suasso is always looking for creative and committed professionals in the financial services industry. The Breder Suasso team comprises passionate financial professionals who identify themselves with our values and centuries-old banking legacy. At Breder Suasso you can be part of something special, something out of the ordinary as you enjoy a challenging career that’s professionally and financially rewarding. As a Breder Suasso employee, you will have to deliver your best every day as you work alongside the best in the industry. Your performance will have a direct and visible impact on your career, resulting in rapid career advancement.

If you think these are qualities that you can work with, we encourage you to apply at Breder Suasso. Please email your resume at

Kindly review the recruitment process below first so that you know what to expect when you apply.

Recruitment Process

1. Shortlisting

Once we receive your application, our HR department will analyse your profile. If your skills, experience and knowledge match our recruitment criteria for the job opening you applied for, you will be shortlisted for an interview.

In case your profile doesn’t match the job posting’s criteria, we will keep your application on our database for future reference in case we need to call you for a suitable job opportunity.

2. Interviews

If you are shortlisted by our HR department, we will call you for at least two interviews. The initial interview will be conducted by our HR representatives. The second interview will be with a Breder Suasso manager who will be a possible future superior if you are hired. The focus of the interviews will be your professional knowledge, skills and experience as well as your personality for which we will utilise psychometric tests.

We will give you a time frame within which we will communicate our decision regarding your application.

3. Decision

We will notify you of the decision within the previously agreed time frame.