For what purpose can I use my Breder Suasso Account?

You can use you Breder Suasso Account to receive payments, make online purchases, withdraw cash from any ATM in our network and transfer funds to any account in the world, you may use it for private or business needs.

Do you open Corporate and Private accounts?

Yes, we do offer both corporate and privates accounts based on your needs.

Do you accept any jurisdiction for account opening?

For Corporate accounts we accept any country that is not under restriction of the United States of America or Europe and UK. We accept all countries including Gibraltar, Hong Kong, BVI, Anguilla, Seychelles, Cyprus, Singapore, Mauritius, Panama. We accept any corporate documentation as long as we can verify the full company structure and identify the ultimate beneficial owner. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information.

How long lasts an account opening procedure?

Breder Suasso offers two type of account openings. The standard processing takes around 3 to 4 weeks, we also offer an express account opening procedure which is completed in 72 hours form the moment the compliance department has received all requested due diligence and KYC documents such as passport copies, utility bill, account statement copy and other documents required by the law to satisfy our Due Diligence expectations.

How to submit an Account Opening application?

In order to submit an application for account opening you must start by filling an online application from our website. You will receive your account opening forms along with our Due Diligence requirements, to sign and post as originals. You will have to verify and certify your signature as well.

How long does a fund transfer take?

Inter-Breder Suasso Account transfers are instantly completed. Transfers to/from other accounts are processed within the day and are subject to clearing time, we proceed all payments before 3PM London time. We confirm every debit via email.

What is the fund transfer fee?

Fund transfer fees vary and are different for inter Breder Suasso Accounts and external accounts. Please visit our Fees page for more information.

Can I use my payment card anywhere?

Yes, our debit cards are internationally accepted; you can use yours at restaurants, shops, hotels, and at ATMs to withdraw cash.

Can I get multiple debit cards on a single account?

To get extra debit cards for your family or colleagues, you can request us to create a sub-account for every card holder using our forms available on our website.

Can I make a cash or cheque deposit to my Breder Suasso Account?

You can only deposit money in your Breder Suasso Account via credit transfer, we do not accept cash deposit or withdrawal.

Can I open an account in any currency?

Breder Suasso Account offers various-currencies accounts, and currently supports 20+ currencies. We will open upon request as many accounts as needed in various currencies. Kindly contact us to confirm whether your currency of interest is supported.

How do I withdraw funds?

To withdraw funds you need to transfer them to your card account. Debit and payment card can also be used to withdraw money from an ATM.

How do I check my account status?

You can log on at our website to check your account status anytime, anywhere. Using your online account allows you to view your current balance and download account statements.

Who knows about my Breder Suasso Account when I open one?

Your account information is kept confidential, our staff highly respect clients confidentiality and secrecy. People will know about your Breder Suasso Account only if you tell them.

As resident of New Zealand or as resident of the United States of America, can I open an account?

For regulatory and / or tax considerations, Breder Suasso Ltd is not providing its services to residents of New Zealand and to residents of the United States of America.

If you have a question that was not answered by this FAQ page, please feel free to contact us.