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Use any of the forms below if you wish to close an account, a prepaid card account or send a claim.

  • Print out the required form
  • Complete by hand
  • Sign the filled form

You’ll need the Acrobat Reader plugin to view some of these documents in your browser. If you’re unable to view these documents, you may need to upgrade your Acrobat Reader. If characters that you’re typing in appear scrambled or incorrect, please update your Acrobat Reader to the latest version.

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Form submission

Please fax the documents to +64-9-801-1030 or e-mail scanned copies to with your contact details;

Originals should be sent to Breder Suasso office address: 300 Queen Street, L.11, Auckland 1010, New Zealand and state the full address of the sender.

For assistance, please contact by e-mail at or by telephone +64-9-801-1028.