The website of the company Breder Suasso, hereinafter referred to as “the website” unless otherwise stated, is only intended for people who are not prohibited to use the website and its services by virtue of certain jurisdictions such as those faced by citizens and/or residents of New Zealand and United States or any country blacklisted by a U.N or U.S embargo. Therefore, if you are under such a jurisdiction, you are not allowed to use the Breder Suasso website or any of its services. All people free from such jurisdictions have to use the website in accordance to the legal information and rules detailed herein. The information, rules and regulations mentioned here are applicable on all eligible users of this website. The Online Account’s terms and conditions are applicable only on those users who have signed up for Breder Suasso Online Account.

Definition of Terms Used

  • Financial Company: An entity that provides financial services and/or conducts the business of borrowing and lending money
  • Security: An equity or debt security, a unit in a unit trust or an interest in a superannuation scheme, a life insurance policy or a participatory security
  • “Signatory”, “You”, “Client”, “Your”, “Yours”: All these terms refer to the account holder, website user our Breder Suasso client unless otherwise stated
  • “We”, “Us”, “Our”, “Company”: All these terms refer to Breder Suasso, its officers and legal representatives unless otherwise stated

BREDER SUASSO is registered in New Zealand under company number 5000060 and whose registered office is at 300 Queen Street, L.11, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand. Breder Suasso is neither regulated nor supervised by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand or the Financial Market Authority. Breder Suasso is a member of the Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme under number: FM2844.

Website content’s liability

Breder Suasso does not make any guarantees that this website’s content and the information it represents is accurate exhaustive or up-to-date. Moreover, Breder Suasso reserves the right to modify website content and information at any moment without prior notice.

At Breder Suasso we try our best to provide safe, secure and error-free online transactions. This involves efforts to keep the website free from computer viruses. However, users must realise that it is not practical to maintain a 100% secure online environment that’s free from errors. We do not make any guarantees of providing such as environment. We also make no guarantees that the information and data flowing through our systems will be completely error-free, or that the website will not display incorrect information as a result of oversight, technical faults or malicious activity by 3rd parties.

All users are encouraged to take appropriate precautions to ensure their safety and security such as installing (and updating) anti-virus programs and making regular backups of their data. Breder Suasso will not be liable or responsible for any loss, damage or inconvenient caused by visiting the website.

Pictures used for our website are for marketing purpose only and do not have an aim to represent our offices, staff or internal assets and offices of the company.

Notice about the website content

All terms, conditions, policies and legal information presented on the website are solely for indicative purposes. As such, they do not bind Breder Suasso to additional commitments or contractual obligations. The only terms and policies which may be considered as binding on Breder Suasso are those written on a paper that is signed by a Breder Suasso officer on behalf of the company. The only exceptions to this rule are the terms and conditions specifically pertaining to the use of Breder Suasso online account services.

No Offer

The information on the Breder Suasso website does not construe an offer or recommendation to use/buy financial products provided by the company and it should not be interpreted as such. The information on the website should also not be taken as financial or legal advice.

All financial services and products showcased on the website and offered by Breder Suasso are solely intended for natural persons and legal entities that are not prohibited to use these services and products by virtue of certain jurisdictions such as those faced by citizens and/or residents of New Zealand and United States, or any country under U.N or U.S embargo. Therefore, if you are under such a jurisdiction, you are not allowed to use the Breder Suasso services.


All forms of website content, including website copy, images and code, are the sole property of Breder Suasso and/or its affiliates and certain third parties. Copying or reproducing the Breder Suasso website content, in any form or to any extent, is strictly forbidden without the express written consent of Breder Suasso or the relevant owner of the content on the website. The same prohibition of copying and/or reproducing applies on Breder Suasso trademarks found on the website such as the Breder Suasso logo. As such, you cannot use Breder Suasso trademarks without the express written consent of Breder Suasso.

Links to Third Party Websites

This website may contain links to third party websites. Breder Suasso’s terms and policies are not applicable on the content, services and products offered by these websites and any consequences of viewing such websites or their products and services, which may be subject to the policies and terms and conditions of the third parties. We recommend that you reach these terms and policies before using any such third party services or providing your personal/business information. Breder Suasso cannot be held liable or responsible for any loss or inconvenience caused by visiting third party links or using their products/services.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Any dispute arising from the usage of the website shall be settled in accordance to the laws of New Zealand.

General Policy

Breder Suasso is well aware of the importance of information confidentiality, especially the information provided and processed over the internet. We employ several procedures for safeguarding information pertaining to our clients and website users.

We strongly suggest that you carefully read this section as it explains how and why Breder Suasso collects and shares personal and non-personal information about its clients and website users.

Breder Suasso collects two types of information; personal and non-personal.

Personal Information


Personal information is that which can be used to individually identify a person or entity. Examples of personal information include name, birth date, email address, postal address, telephone and fax numbers, tax number and other business information. This kind of information is never collected automatically. Breder Suasso requests personal information from prospective clients at the time of opening an account or when requesting certain services from the company.

Breder Suasso reserves the right to contact the client using the contact information provided by the client. The contact information requested by Breder Suasso is required for communicating with the client whether it’s to inform them of promotional offers or keep them up to date regarding their application progress. The personal information collected by Breder Suasso is limited to the extent required to provide the best services and customer service.

Breder Suasso will never request your personal or account information of any kind via email or fax. If you receive an email requesting such information, immediately notify us at


Personal information is used only for the express purpose for which it is requested. For instance, if a client provided his/her personal information to Breder Suasso by filling out a Private Account opening form, we will use that information only for setting up the Private Account and providing the associated services.

Breder Suasso never shares personal information with third parties for marketing or other purposes without the permission of the client. The only exceptions to this policy is when such sharing of information is required by a court of law or law enforcement agency or when the sharing of information is necessary for providing a requested service to the client.

Breder Suasso may contact you via email to provide you information that we deem relevant and interesting based on your preferences that we are aware of. You always have the option of opting out of this e-mail service to stop receiving information, newsletters, offers etc. form us via email.

Non-Personal Information


Non-personal information refers to information such as the type of browser used to view the Breder Suasso website and duration of web page visits. This information is collected automatically when a user visits the website. Breder Suasso uses computer files called ‘cookies’ to automatically collect non-personal information.


Non-personal information is viewed in an aggregate manner and is used to understand how people use our website. This information and analysis is used for improving the website, its user experience and the services provided through it. Due to the manner in which this data is collected and analysed, it cannot be used to individually identify any person or entity to which the data belongs.

Right of Access and Correction

Complying with data protection laws, Breder Suasso allows all concerned parties to request (using a written and signed request) all data related to them. On receiving such a request, Breder Suasso will send the relevant data via post to the appropriate person or entity that sent the request. If such a person or entity discovers that the data they requested is not up-to-date, incomplete or otherwise inaccurate, a request can be made to modify the data to make it up-to-date/accurate. A request to delete the data can also be made by the appropriate person or entity.

Non-responsibility Clause

Breder Suasso cannot be held liable or responsible for any loss, damage or inconvenience caused by the client or website user’s inability to follow our advice regarding the use of anti-virus software, making regular backups, etc. By not following these security guidelines, the user may have to bear the responsibility of any breach in Breder Suasso’s website security and its impact on the company and its clients.

Breder Suasso cannot be held liable or responsible for any loss, damage or inconvenience caused by the client providing personal information which is not up-to-date, incomplete or otherwise inaccurate. Any liability that Breder Suasso may have to bear will be restricted to allowing right of access and correction to the user/client as detailed in the previous section.

It is the client’s responsibility to notify Breder Suasso of any changes to the personal information provided at the time of account opening. As soon as there is a change in this information, you are obligated to communicate the details of the changes to Breder Suasso. Failure to do so may result in your inability to enjoy the services you are entitled to as a Breder Suasso client.

Breder Suasso makes the best efforts to provide a safe online environment where clients can enjoy secure and reliable financial services. Despite these efforts, Breder Suasso cannot be held liable or responsible for any loss, damage or inconvenience caused by any breach in the security of online data transmission. As such, this data is processed and transmitted at the user/client’s risk.

Nonetheless, Breder Suasso continues its endeavours to safeguard the data moving through its systems. These terms and policies related to data security, especially those related to non-compliance with security guidelines, are also applicable on the use of Breder Suasso’s Online Account facility.

Unless it is proven that Breder Suasso is at serious fault, the company cannot be held liable or responsible for any loss, damage or inconvenience caused by the use or inability to use the Breder Suasso website.