Private account application

The benefits of having a Breder Suasso private account are many and varied. Most importantly,a private account gives you an affordable and efficient way to manage payments across borders. With Breder Suasso’s private account, day-to-day personal expenses and monthly payments are no longer distressing matters.Our private account is designed to simplify discretionary financial transactions such as shopping at retail outlets, paying bills online, or transferring money to and from different accounts, all in multiple currencies and locations across the globe.

Private accounts include:

  • Internationally accepted debit card
  • Multi-currency accounts
  • 24-hour access
  • Individual personal client support
  • Online services

We provide MasterCard prepaid cards for corporate accounts, for daily expenses, for salaries and employees, bonuses, gifts, or any other corporate or private use. Contact us to know more about our payments options.

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What you’ll need to apply:

  • An e-mail adress
  • A phone number
  • Passport or ID copy
  • Utility Bill
  • CV