Easily Manage Company Expenses Made by Employees

Breder Suasso’s Mastercard allow you to let your employees safely and easily make POS purchases, withdraw money from ATMs, and conduct online transactions. Our secured Mastercard cards are ideal for use across various industries. Companies from diverse sectors are introducing these cards into their corporate payroll function. A large organisation will have employees from multiple disciplines ranging from drivers to sales persons to IT experts. All of them need easy access to money for their regular and emergency expenses.

By issuing our Mastercard cards, you can track these expenses that your employees make in relation to their jobs. This enhances corporate efficiency as this approach removes the need to provide advance funds to your employees; they can use the secure Mastercard as and when necessary. Moreover, it virtually eradicates the risk your employees would otherwise create by carrying around cash with them.

Finally, you can easily top-up any Mastercard issued to an employee with any amount as per the situation. For the payroll function, our debit cards provide the ideal utility, helping you circumvent the high-cost banking infrastructure. As an increasingly number of merchants move away from cash transactions, the usefulness of our debit cards increases.

As a corporate client, you can issue as many of our Mastercard cards as you require. In addition to companies, the idea of our Mastercard payment credit and debit cards is also very well received by high net-worth clients such as football clubs.

Here are the highlights of our Mastercard based payment solution:

  • You maintain control of your cash flow used for expenses made by employees.
  • You can top up the card any time of the day with any amount required.
  • The card can only be used after you add funds to it or when you withdraw funds using your secure portal.
  • The employee using the card receives a text message whenever you top it up.
  • Funds are available to the card-holder within minutes of the top up.
  • There is no pre-set amount on the Mastercard.
  • You have to release only the required funds.
  • A detailed report on Mastercard expenses is issued.
  • One portal can be used to manage multiple cards.
  • Cards are compatible with all POS terminals and ATMs across the globe.
  • The highest encryption levels are implemented on integrated circuit cards for maximum security.

Breder Suasso’s private account simplifies the process of managing your personal funds in multiple currencies.

Efficiently manage business payments and transactions with a Breder Suasso corporate account. 20+ currencies supported.

Breder Suasso’s internationally accepted debit card makes online and retail shopping safe and effortless.

Breder Suasso’s Mastercard is accepted across the world, providing clients the freedom and convenience to spend their money.