Partnership with Breder Suasso

Breder Suasso believes that success in the financial sector comes by building strong partnerships. We do more than believe; we take action by building mutually beneficial partnerships with the best in the business. At Breder Suasso, we are very serious about expanding our clientele beyond borders while maintaining the quality of services. This invariably involves creating strong, strategic partnerships with the right organisations.

We have established numerous strong relationships with an expansive network of lawyers, fiduciaries, accounting firms and private bankers. These partners happily work with Breder Suasso as business introducers, reaping the benefits our expanding clientele alongside Breder Suasso.

We also partner with corporate and trust practitioners that specialise in company incorporations. These organisations turn to us for providing their clients with trading accounts, swift transfers, Mastercards etc.

Regardless of partnership type, we work hard to cultivate our relationships and ensure that all Breder Suasso stakeholders get exactly what they are looking for.

All Breder Suasso partners are professional bodies who are qualified by our diligent compliance team. This helps us comply with all applicable laws and regulations, which is in accordance with Breder Suasso’s spirit of providing the highest quality legal financial services to our clients.

If you wish to become a qualified introducer please contact us at and ask to receive our cooperation agreement.

Intro Guide

Contact our partnership department to know more about our requirements to be an eligible introducer with Breder Suasso

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